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Many years ago, every race in Midstad came together to imprison a dangerous foe; however not everyone supported this decision and some swore in secret to set Him free one day.

Now, nearly two hundred years later the world is prospering during its longest age of peace. Elves are hidden away in their forests, dwarves live deep within their mountains, and humans have come together in a way which has never been done before. Life for every race is peaceful, until a mythical cult, The Black Light, makes their name heard in every corner of Midstad.


Book One in the Age of Shadow Saga

One violent day of assassinations sends elves, dwarves, and humans alike into a panic. The Black Light has shown themselves to be more real than many would have wished them to be, and they have named their leader; Iver, an heir to one of the human kingdoms.

Einar, son of the King of Hestferd, and his allies scramble to devise a proper response to this act of war. Their biggest worry? A name shouted by the assassins; Kemryr, the great foe who was imprisoned centuries ago. Many believe him to be nothing more than a myth nowadays, but myths seem to be becoming very real as of late. Einar's father wishes to learn more, and so he turns to a secret friend for help. Together, Einar and his father seek out answers while Iver and his followers continue to carry out their plan in the hopes to reach their ultimate goal.

Set. Him. Free.


"Ascension by Marc R. Micciola is a well-written fantasy with an eye-catching cover image. The description and cover caught my attention right from the start, but it was the characters that kept me pushing forward, page after page, to learn the fate of Midstad and Einar. The book reminded me of the Lord of the Rings series with the author’s beautiful world-building and the different races, yet while there were some similarities, this book is original. I liked that the story was not just a fantasy adventure, but also a mystery as I longed to discover the truth about Kemryr, alongside the King of Hestferd and his son Einar. I loved this story and I hope to get the chance to read the second of the series in the future!”  -  Safina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite 


Kemryr, Master of Darkness, has been freed from the void. With the assistance of his allies, he amasses an army of dead humans and unleashes his rage on the people of Midstad. Humans have run rampant in this world long enough, and not even Father will stop him from ridding the world of every last one of them.

Desperate to protect Midstad’s people, Einar and Karina rally their defenses against the unhinged legend who wants their entire race extinct. Old allies are replaced by unexpected new ones, but even with the aid of ancient beings, Einar and Karina struggle to keep their kind alive.

Vengeance PB 1.png
Vengeance PB 2.png

Book Two in the Age of Shadow Saga

Humanity has been judged, and their executioner has arrived.

The Age of Peace is over. The Age of Shadow has begun.


"Vengeance by Marc R. Micciola is an outstanding book. The plot is solid: it has the strength to keep the story moving while being full of emotion at every step. The author gives a fast-paced narrative in which description and action are perfectly balanced: it is the essence of "show, don't tell." The incredibly well-written transitions between scenes result in a story with no loose ends (except those Micciola will tie up in the next book, of course). Characters are realistic and three-dimensional: they have solid backgrounds, flaws, and weaknesses. The change in point of view gives enlightening insight into the plot." -  Paula Garcia Lasa for Readers’ Favorite 

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