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Marc R. Micciola has self-published two fantasy novels called Ascension and Vengeance, book one and book two in the trilogy called The Age of Shadow Saga. However, Marc’s plan for the world of The Age of Shadow Saga isn’t just the trilogy! There are plans to gather all of the endless amounts of notes and create a history book of sorts. There is also a thought to pick out certain moments in the world’s history and write them out as short story/novella spin offs! The world won’t just expand through writing either, as Marc plans to continue to have art commissioned for the world of The Age of Shadow Saga. Not only just commissions though! Fan art submitted will also be welcomed and featured on Marc’s website, with credits given to the artists in the taglines. While The Age of Shadow Saga is Marc’s major project, he has branched out and tried some new things. Taking a break from The Age of Shadow Saga after finishing Vengeance, Marc decided to write a novel that he would try to get traditionally published. The novel is called Blood of The Hunted and Marc is hoping to be able to share it with all his readers as soon as possible! Marc is also working on a plethora of short stories for competitions, as well as a collection that he plans to publish in some manner. Whether it is familiar content with The Age of Shadow Saga, or new content with Blood of The Hunted, there is more stories by Marc R. Micciola coming your way! Be sure to follow Marc’s socials for updates on current projects!

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