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My Stories

On this page you can find the subpages for all of my books currently published. As you will be able to tell, you have some options here. There is the Age of Shadow Saga, an epic fantasy trilogy in the making, full of heart and war. Next we have Imryll's Legacy Series, a paranormal fantasy series of short stories following a female elf with a harrowed past and heroic future. Now we come to the stand alone stories. Blood of The Hunted is an award winning, dark fantasy novel consisting of resilient, loveable heroes, truly vile villains, and a grim, violent world. The Sun and The Moon is a gay romance, epic fantasy tale of a hero going on a harrowing journey in the attempt to save the love of his life from a curse.

You have all of this to explore and discover, but I promise you there is more to come! The Age of Shadow Saga needs a finale, Imryll's journey is only half way done, and I have a plethora of ideas both written down and swimming around in my head for new stories to bring to all you lovely people! I hope you find something you like, and if you don't, maybe check back later and a new project will catch your eye! Whatever you decide to do after investigating this page, I hope you have a lovely time reading your next book, whatever it is! 

Age of Shadow Saga

Blood of The Hunted

Imryll's Legacy Series

The Sun and The Moon

Tales of the Beautifully Dark

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