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Tales of the

Beautifully Dark

From Award Winning Author Marc R. Micciola comes a wonderfully beautiful and dark anthology full of stories for lovers of Dark Fantasy to enjoy!

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Volume One

Tales of the Beautifully Dark is an anthology of short stories that show how beautiful a dark, grim tale can be. Dark Fantasy is an incredible genre, full of grounded storytelling, poetic violence, and gritty worlds that captivate in so many ways. In each of these stories, you will find Marc R. Micciola's grand effort to show the beauty of the genre, and how even the darkest of tales can be enjoyed.


Fabled assassins, haunted warriors, infamous witch hunters, royal mermaids, and incredibly bloodthirsty jewelry can all be found within the stories of Tales of the Beautifully Dark. Full of violence, action, and heart; sprinkled with horror and romance. I insist you turn the page, take a look inside, and see if you too can find the beauty hidden away in the dark corners of fantasy!

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