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"Ascension by Marc R. Micciola is a well-written fantasy with an eye-catching cover image. The description and cover caught my attention right from the start, but it was the characters that kept me pushing forward, page after page, to learn the fate of Midstad and Einar. The book reminded me of the Lord of the Rings series with the author’s beautiful world-building and the different races, yet while there were some similarities, this book is original. I liked that the story was not just a fantasy adventure, but also a mystery as I longed to discover the truth about Kemryr, alongside the King of Hestferd and his son Einar. I loved this story and I hope to get the chance to read the second of the series in the future!” — Safina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite 

"Ascension was a novel that captured my attention from the very beginning. It had a strong introduction and the events of the first few chapters, which are the drive of the story, were riveting to read…The world-building in this story is magnificent and at times I found myself with beautiful images in my head of what it all might look like, also, I loved the map that was provided at beginning. Something that I must mention is that this is a novel written in first person POV and personally, I am not a big fan of it in general. A lot of stories don't handle it well, but that was not the case with Ascension, with the opposite in fact, the more I read, the more I enjoyed it and for that I am happy. By the end of the novel, I was truly invested in the plot and the characters and wanted to keep on reading. Sadly that could no be the case because I had reached the end but I'm glad to know that this is only book one. I will definitely be keeping an eye on The Age of Shadow Saga so I can know what happens and how everything will be resolved, and if you like the fantasy genre, this is one novel that I would recommend picking up. It was a great and fun novel to read and I can't wait to read more.” — Evelyn Hadley for Reedsy


"Between the expansive word building and a vast cast of characters, including humans, elves, dwarves, and various dark forces among others, Micciola expertly brings his characters to life, giving them a refreshingly humane touch and making the readers invested in their flawed personalities. The narrative is addictive, and the pacing expert. The multi-layered plot is woven tightly, the prose is intriguing without being elaborate, and the high action and relentless suspense keep the pages flying. There is no dull moment, and the liveliness of the narrative makes it an electrifying read. This engrossing tale heavy on shifting loyalties, political intrigues, and ever-changing relations both fascinates and entertains. Micciola is an author to watch.” — BookView Review


“With a decidedly darker edge to the narrative, Micciola builds a spectacularly detailed fantasy world rife with high action, relentless suspense, and finely constructed battle scenes. The storyline, fraught with individual struggles, sinister conspiracies, political intrigue, and astonishing revelations keep the pages flying. Micciola’s prose is immersive as he explores his characters’ fears, inner turmoil, and personal trauma. The open ending climax will raise readers’ fervor for the next installment while solving several plot threads. Fans of sophisticated dark fantasy won’t want to miss this one.” — The Prairies Book Review

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