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The Resistance is rising.


Weylyn, Olwen, and other members of the marginalized and subjugated group known as the Tóráin are trying every day to gain equality and freedom. Their enemies, which consist of vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their grip around the necks of the Tóráin.


Leading The Resistance, Weylyn and Olwen endure many trials that test them physically and mentally, relying on their loved ones to keep them from losing hope. They both wish to see a time of equality and peace, but to achieve that requires more than what they have. Desperation leads The Resistance to find new allies all across the continent of Kosavros with the goal of finally defeating their oppressive overseers.

Their fight for freedom and respect leads Weylyn and Olwen down paths that open their eyes to new dangers, both involving themselves and the rest of the world. However, they do not waiver. For the Tóráin are known for their resilience, and they have already endured much. What comes next will be hard, but they’re ready to fight for their lives. Together.

Blood of The Hunted Reviews

"Blood of the Hunted is an ambitious novel with a lot going for it. Marc Micciola crafts a really diverse cast of characters and fleshes out the landscape, culture, social structure, and the need for an insurgency with skill and enough flourish to bring it to life, but not so much that it destroys the pacing. The world building and character development are enhanced by first-person point of view characters that extend beyond and dig deeper than what Weylyn's limited outlook could achieve on its own. Shifting narratives like this is rarely successful as the voices can become convoluted and the head-hopping can get annoying, but that never happens in Micciola's story.

Descriptions of torture can be raw and really punch a reader in the gut, such as the avian race of the Tóráin called harpies being mutilated and cauterized. It's par for the course in a world at war where magic elements, like daggers that invoke decaying flesh, are all in play. This novel takes a strong stomach and some resolve to get through, but please do believe me when I say it is worth every step of the journey. Very highly recommended.”  — Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite 

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