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Imryll Olatris has been under siege since she was born. A dark spirit entered her the moment she left her mother's womb, something that the gods had promised would never happen under their watch. Abandoned by her father after her mother passes from an odd illness, baby Imryll is left with the priestesses of the Church of Naralanis. Haunted by the evil spirit who calls itself 'Stepmother', Imryll struggles to live anything resembling a normal life.

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Book One in the Imryll's Legacy Series

It isn't until she hears about a way to possibly free herself that she gains a boost of hope. It will take all she has to succeed in gaining her long awaited freedom, but Imryll doesn't see any other choice. She has to be free of Stepmother. No matter the cost.



Imryll's next adventure takes her to the Forest of Fanathill. In an innocent search for her father, Imryll discovers things about herself that she had previously not known. These revelations challenge Imryll, causing her to struggle with the darkness that has been forced inside her by the demons who want her as their champion. The new information about her possession, her family, and what lies before her forces Imryll to choose who to trust, who to fight for, and what part part of her to give in to. 

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Book Two in the Imryll's Legacy Series

A duel with the demon lord responsible for her pain and suffering shows everyone who Imryll truly is. Will she give in to her darkness, or embrace the little bit of light she has left?



It is three years since her duel with The Shepherd, and Imryll has been busy. She has pursued her goal to save the world from evil spirits, and it has led her to some infamy. Some people are fans of what she does, others are skeptical and not so accepting. To avoid any unwanted encounters, Imryll tends to keep to herself, that is until she is discovered by a knight named Curcham who was sent to retrieve her for the King of Fjeltala. As it turns out, the Queen is sick and the King believes Imryll is his best bet at curing her. 

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Book Three in the Imryll's Legacy Series

In taking on this mission, Imryll is thrown into a whirlwind of paranormal creepiness, sweet romance, and a whole bunch of demon slaying that will change the very course of her life. 



Motherhood. Something Imryll Olatris didn't think she would ever get to experience. But, at eight months pregnant, she is starting to feel the pressures of raising and protecting a child of her own. Her four years as Brightsword and Queen of Fjeltala have been spent going on missions to save others, but now, her mind his focused on saving her child. Worried that what happened to herself at her own birth may happen to her child leads Imryll to abandon reason. 

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Book Four in the Imryll's Legacy Series

Imryll leaves the safety and comfort of her home to go on a quest to find Avrandill, the god of light and the creator of her famed sword, with the hopes that he will bless her child before it is born and keep it safe from all evil spirits. Imryll is stronger than most, but as the days go on, she finds she needs to use more of her strength to keep going than before. She's in a race against time, and she's prepared to do anything she needs to in order to win that race.



Imryll and her Brightsword Knights have been fighting the evils of the world for ten years, and yet things have not gotten better. In fact, they've somewhat gotten worse. Demons have resorted to physically attacking elves instead of feeding off them, causing a great amount of death and fear in the world. Still, Imryll remains hopeful that Avrandill will one day grow strong enough to aid her in defeating the darkness once and for all. Her Knights and her family inspire her, keeping her motivated and determined.

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Book Five in the Imryll's Legacy Series

Imryll's war on demons has been a long and difficult one, but the most pain she has felt in years has been felt in the last few months watching her husband, Varnam, continue to get sicker as the weeks go on. Things get even worse when an ominous message from a powerful evil reaches Imryll, forcing her to leave Varnam and her young daughter, Valaena, behind as she travels to save a town from a pack of murderous demons. Imryll is more than capable of keeping herself safe, but what of those she takes with her? What of those she leaves behind? Will Imryll win her greatest victory, or will she suffer her greatest defeat?

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