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Imryll Olatris has been under siege since she was born. A dark spirit entered her the moment she left her mother's womb, something that the gods had promised would never happen under their watch. Abandoned by her father after her mother passes from an odd illness, baby Imryll is left with the priestesses of the Church of Naralanis. Haunted by the evil spirit who calls itself 'Stepmother', Imryll struggles to live anything resembling a normal life.

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IMryll book cover 1.png

Book One in the Imryll's Legacy Series

It isn't until she hears about a way to possibly free herself that she gains a boost of hope. It will take all she has to succeed in gaining her long awaited freedom, but Imryll doesn't see any other choice. She has to be free of Stepmother. No matter the cost.

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