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"Vengeance is the second book in Marc R. Micciola's Age of Shadows saga. In it, Einar has expanded the world he knew, but he remains true to his goal: to make Mistad safe for those who live there. The Black Light lurks in the shadows, threatening that safety. Otti has managed to bring her beloved Kemryr, the Master of Darkness himself, back. He thinks the world to be his, and he is sure that for it to thrive once more, he has to eliminate humanity. Einar and his new wife, Karina, will have to fight a battle they will likely lose. There is hardly any time to do everything they need to do, to gather all the allies they can. Peace is off. War is on.

Vengeance by Marc R. Micciola is an outstanding book. The plot is solid: it has the strength to keep the story moving while being full of emotion at every step. The author gives a fast-paced narrative in which description and action are perfectly balanced: it is the essence of "show, don't tell." The incredibly well-written transitions between scenes result in a story with no loose ends (except those Micciola will tie up in the next book, of course). Characters are realistic and three-dimensional: they have solid backgrounds, flaws, and weaknesses. The change in point of view gives enlightening insight into the plot. You have a complete picture of the story while exploring the minds of all the characters. Fantasy often finds itself entangled with other genres, such as romance, and Vengeance is not an exception: there are side stories that provide complexity to both the plot and the characters (without being tedious). If you enjoy epic fantasy, you should binge on this series: it has magic, mystical creatures, and a new world of opportunities to discover.”  — Paula Garcia Lasa for Readers’ Favorite 

“Vengeance is an incredible book and an excellent addition to the world Micciola has created. It is once agon captivating from beginning to end. The plot is intriguing, and it gets even more fascinating with each chapter.


The world in this novel expands and thanks to Micciola’s wonderful writing, the story never feels too overwhelming when the reader is learning about new elements of this world. This is not something all fantasy novels can achieve due to the nature of the genre, but Vengeance achieves it. The characters within this world are fascinating. They feel like real people because we learn about their flaws and weaknesses, not just they accomplishments. We get to see the good and the bad, and I love that. People are not perfect, and neither are the characters, and seeing those moments makes them more relatable even when the story takes place in a fantasy world.  


If fantasy is a genre you enjoy reading, I highly recommend checking out the Age of Shadows saga. It is intriguing, full of action and there’s a bit of romance too. Even if fantasy is not a genre you enjoy, this is a series you shouldn’t miss. Marc R. Micciola has created a wonderful world, full of magic, mythical creatures, and amazing characters. I am glad I came across this series, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Marc R. Micciola’s work. I am also looking forward to revisiting this world in the near future, as it has captured my attention since book one.”  — Evelyn Hadley for Reedsy Discovery

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