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Tales of the Beautifully Dark Reviews


Tales of the Beautifully Dark: Volume One is written and illustrated by Marc R. Micciola. Umochibu people are sacrificed in a blasphemous effort to vanquish a disease that has spread. Princess Akua is angry over so much death, including the loss of the Emperor. The Lovci, a duo that had known one another since childhood, battle magical beings and imps that threaten others while denying the truth that has always been in front of them. How can a blinded princess escape the clutches of the Unknown? Finally, a daughter rebels against her neglectful father, a warrior who found his way to a position of power. The many stories packed into one volume unleash fairies, monsters, and mythical creatures on unsuspecting people and places.

Tales of the Beautifully Dark by Marc R. Micciola is an anthology of dark, mysterious, and entertaining stories. Each tale has a unique and suspenseful plot that carries us through the short chapters, excited to discover what will happen next. The illustrations, also by Micciola, are beautiful images at the start of each story that match the following plot. From witches and imps, princesses and queens, warriors and knights to assassins, gods and goddesses, this anthology has no shortage of creativity. I recommend this incredible collection of dark stories for adults who enjoy mild thrillers and horror tales that are well-written and entertaining. Once I started, I could not stop reading, and can’t wait to see Micciola's next volume of dark stories!

- Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite

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