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Marc R. Micciola's Awards

Fantasy Bronze Micciola.png

My stand alone, dark fantasy novel 'Blood of The Hunted' won the Bronze Award in Fantasy for the 2022-2023 Reader Views Reviewer's Choice Awards! 

I worked very, very hard on this novel and I am beyond proud of this achievement. Blood of The Hunted is a book that is very special to me because it puts some of humanity's darkest moments on display, while also having incredible heroes and heroines to combat the darkness. It is a grim, harrowing tale that is also so full of love, friendship, hope, and resilience. There's moments to cry, moments to smile, moments to be horrified, and moments to cheer. Blood of The Hunted is an experience that I hope many people get to participate in. 

Here are some words from Reader Views' review to maybe encourage you to take on this award winner!

"Author Marc R. Micciola is masterful storyteller."

"Blood of The Hunted as all the makings of a masterpiece."

"I highly recommend Blood of the Hunted for anyone searching for a heart pounding adventure."

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