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Imryll's Torment Reviews


Imryll's Torment by Marc R. Micciola is an epic fantasy novel about overcoming inner demons. In a world full of spirits and elves, it is said the Mother Goddess, Naralanis, bestowed upon the elves a gift that protects newborns from the spirits. However, the impossible happened when Imryll was born. A spirit from the forest latched onto her and tormented her day and night. Her father sent her to the Church of Naralanis and put her in the care of the priestess, but this did not stop the spirit that possessed Imryll. Instead, it grew stronger and gained the name, Stepmother. Stepmother disguised her intentions when Imryll was young, but when she got older, Imryll realized the spirit was evil and had to be expelled. And at the age of eighteen, Imryll embarks on a journey to find a way to get rid of Stepmother.

Imryll's Torment is a tale that took me on an emotional roller coaster. Imryll is a remarkable character many will fall in love with and root for. Her will to live and be free was the best part of the story. I loved Marc R. Micciola's writing style. First, he introduces us to this new world of elves and spirits, then dives into Imryll’s story. It helped me understand the situation and why Imryll’s birth was abnormal. The ending was beautifully done and presented another storyline I hope to read soon. Imryll’s story has just begun, and I cannot wait to discover more about this intriguing character.

- Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite

Imryll's Revelation Reviews

Imryll's Revelation is the second installment in the Imryll's Legacy series, written by Marc R. Micciola. The story unravels as Imryll goes on a mission to find Stircas, her estranged father. This brings her to Fanathill, a mystical forest near the village where her father lives and works as a blacksmith. Her quest brings her into a confrontation with a number of demons in the mystical forest, and using the Kalaset sword, she fights them. She finally finds her father but the reconciliation also brings more questions about her life. Seeking the Shepherd to find the truth about her past, Imryll discovers more things about herself she had not known before. In a fight with the demon lord, who is causing her all her misery and pain, she proves herself. Can she resist the darkness and hold on to a flicker of light left in her?

Marc R. Micciola’s Imryll's Revelation is a thrilling fantasy novella that brings readers to a world of magic and demons. The author’s literary writing style is descriptive, bringing to life the mystical forest and building up the suspense that grips the reader’s attention. It is also a story of personal struggle and self-discovery as Imryll tries to find her real identity. I find the author’s fertile imagination fascinating as we follow Imryll’s dangerous journey into the mystical forest. Vulnerable and endearing, Imryll is a relatable character and her courage is admirable. Her connection to the little girl Lisaila adds a gentle layer to the narrative. Ultimately, Imryll's Revelation is a must-read for fans of fantasy fiction and I am looking forward to the next installment of this enthralling series.

- Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

Imryll's Exorcism Reviews


Imryll's Exorcism is a dark fantasy thriller novella by Marc R. Micciola. Still reeling from the aftereffects of her battles with demons and dark spirits, especially with The Shepherd, Demonslayer Imryll Olatris is determined to start her life anew in Fjeltala after being labeled as a menace to society in the Kingdom of Livbrei. But soon, she is summoned by King Caillok, who wants Imryll to cure his wife Queen Aillsko's mysterious illness, her life slowly seeping away. Imryll realizes that Aillsko is afflicted by a dark spirit, which she must confront head-on. After an intense battle, Imryll succeeds, and now, King Caillok wishes to wed her to his son, Prince Varnam. What will Imryll choose? Will she be able to leave her life as a Demonslayer to be a future potential queen?

The third book of Imryll's Legacy Series, Imryll's Exorcism is a delicious treat for lovers of dark fantasy. Full of action, romance, and fantastical battle sequences, Marc R. Micciola's novella is a wild rollercoaster ride you don't want to end. Micciola's world-building deserves praise as he builds a believably large fantasy world within a limited amount of pages. The plot is paced well, with a crisp and concise narrative that ensures readers are fully engaged to the end. Imryll is a heroine you want to root for. Her expert skills and daring spirit makes her immensely likable as a character. All in all, a thoroughly entertaining fantasy novella.

- Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

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