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Welcome to Stories By Marc R. Micciola!

On this website, you'll be able to find links to all my published work, editorial reviews, awards, and even some commissioned art! 

I'm always happy to connect with my readers, whether it's to talk about a book of mine or just about how your day is going. So don't be afraid to click on my social links and say hello! 

Friendly reminder that the Artwork page is always happy to have your fan art, so if you feel inspired by a story of mine feel free to create something awesome and send it my way via my socials! 

And with that, I leave it up to you to explore this site and maybe enjoy yourself a little! Your support is and always will be adored and appreciated. 

Happy Reading!


Vengeance has a new cover! 

Check out the Age of Shadow Saga now on Amazon!

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Vengeance PB 2.png
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Paperback Image 2.png
IT paperback  Two.png
IT paperback One.png
IE paperback One.png
IE paperback  Two.png
IR paperback One.png
IR paperback  Two.png
IB paperback  Two.png
IB paperback One.png
IW paperback  Two.png
IW paperback One.png

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