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The Kingdom of Hestferd is a child of one of the very first ancient kingdoms of humanity, Hestaferdir. It wasn’t until a great tidal wave, known as Dinbari’s Wrath, flooded a massive area of the western coast that Hestaferdir began calling itself Hestferd. 


The people of Hestferd value honor, loyalty and a warrior spirit. Their mastery of horses is admired throughout Midstad, the skill having been developed over hundreds of centuries. The first king of Hestaferdir was Jorannar, and it was his taming of the great stallion Fyrinn that led the kingdom down the path of becoming horsemasters. However, do not mistake the word master to mean they own the beasts they train. Many aspects of Hestferd’s rich culture revolve around the magnificent creatures and they are regarded as equals. Great horses are revered just as much as great warriors and leaders with Fyrinn, Vaesa, Teffa and Loku being the most adored. From weddings to funerals, horses are a beloved and sacred part of Hestferd’s customs more than anything else.


This love of horses is shown even more so during the time of what came to be known as The Age of The Trident. The Trident was a joint ruling group of three kingdoms; Skeida, Duravin, and Hestferd. The names of the three kingdom’s leaders were cast aside and lost to history, their known names becoming The Pike, The Wolf and The Stallion. The Stallion is revered as one of the greatest kings, and warriors, in Hestferd’s history.


The Kingdom of Hestferd produces resilient, headstrong men and women who all have ancestors that have been on both sides of conquests throughout their long history. Thanks to this up and down past that contains as many defeats as it does victories, Hestferd has become known as a wise and experienced kingdom respected by most. The kingdom of horse lords is also known for being great friends with the dwarves of Svarstein, even relocating from their ancient capital of Falvakyr when the dwarven kingdom expressed its concern with Hestferd’s capital being so close to their borders.


Hestferd has been a part of many wars throughout its bloody history, but its most recent one was possibly its most honorable and displays the morals of the nation very much. Appalled by the horrendous acts committed during The Days of Red Leaves, a horrible massacre of the peaceful elves by many of the kingdoms of humanity, Hestferd decides to stand against the forces responsible. The elves were not made for war, but for peace and harmony. Without the acts of King Thoren and his army during The War of The Bloodstained, the elves surely would have perished before they were granted the gifts necessary to defend themselves by the god Stryd. King Thoren gave his life in the final battle that won the war for the elves and their human allies, leaving his son, Haeda, as the new king of Hestferd. Thoren’s sacrifice was honored by the elves when Tuva, the queen of Solenskog, offered her horse, Soliket, to don the fallen king’s ashes during Hestferd’s funeral custom.

During the events of Ascension, the King of Hestferd is Bryntyr. The man has continued a path of peace that his ancestor, King Haeda, began after the end of what came to be known as The War of Loss. Bryntyr is also a member of The Grand Council, a group created during the time of his ancestor King Reidar. The group is made up of every human leader of Midstad and they all convene every year or so in Hestferd’s capital, Blodleir.


Bryntyr's wife, Elsa, was a native of Skeida but some would say she was even more adored by Hestferd's people than her husband. It is because of this that the entire nation grieved when Queen Elsa tragically died giving birth to their second child, Freya. Their first child, a son they named Einar, is the heir to Hestferd’s throne.