Frosum Rustic Sigil.png

Frosum is one of the nations born from a great tidal wave that swept across Midstad’s western lands. A group of jarls in Sakeilad believed that Dinbari’s Wrath swept over the land because of a false king. Rumours had spread that King Vitular was actually a bastard, and that his sister Raela was the true heir. Wishing to spare a damaged nation a civil war, Vitular suggested that Raela rule her own nation, splitting the kingdom in two. Raela agreed to the division of Sakeilad, but she had a stipulation of her own. She would avoid a war by dividing the kingdom, but only if she became Queen of Sakeilad and Vitular would take up rule of this new nation.

Disgruntled, but wishing for things to be as peaceful as possible, Vitular agreed and became the first king of Frosum, with Raela taking her place as Queen of Skeida. The two nations instantly were rivals, each sibling wishing to have the more prosperous kingdom. This competition only did good for the newly named Skeida and newborn Frosum, with both kingdoms becoming the more wealthy of the human lands.

Another nation that had been born from Dinbari’s Wrath was inhabited by the people who lived in the mountains on the western shore known as the Arosku Highlands. The flood had turned the small group of mountains into islands, separating the hard-nosed region from its mother Sakeilad. The people there named their islands its own kingdom with its own king and their fractious nature eventually led them to raid the coast of Frosum as often as they could.


Frosum would be invaded many times during its history, being ruled by kings and queens native of every human kingdom at some time over the years. The kingdom’s rich and fertile land, as well as its port, were main reasons why the nation was often at war. Despite the constant blood being spilled, Frosum continued to evolve into a kingdom known for diversity and wisdom, having many influences from all around Midstad within their rich culture. Its capital, Borskiva, developed into a main trade destination between humans and dwarves, and became a place where one could see every race of Midstad.


Frosum was a part of the western force that fought against The Trident, eventually yielding to their rule in 402 AB. They played a horrid part in The Days of Red Leaves, capturing elves at the market in Borskiva and torturing them until they agreed to open the magical borders that separated the elven forests from the human nations. They and Skeida were huge contributors to the resources provided for the forces that fought against Hestferd and the elves during The War of The Bloodstained.


Their king, Fryr, came together with the other leaders of the human kingdoms to form the Grand Council in the 222nd year of the Age of Death, giving life to the Age of Peace. During this time period Frosum continued to prosper and even kept trade with Solvvein and Svarstein. The nation grew in wealth, both in culture and resources. The relationship between Frosum and Skeida eventually became a close partnership during this time, a far cry from how they viewed each other in their beginning. 


During the time of Ascension, King Reynir rules the prosperous, diverse nation of Frosum. His wife, Ayala gave him one son before her untimely passing. Iver, Reynir’s only child, is the heir to Frosum’s throne.