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Kemryr, Master of Darkness, has been freed from the void. With the assistance of his allies, he amasses an army of dead humans and unleashes his rage on the people of Midstad. Humans have run rampant in this world long enough, and not even Father will stop him from ridding the world of every last one of them.

Desperate to protect Midstad’s people, Einar and Karina rally their defenses against the unhinged legend who wants their entire race extinct. Old allies are replaced by unexpected new ones, but even with the aid of ancient beings, Einar and Karina struggle to keep their kind alive.


Book Two in the Age of Shadow Saga

Humanity has been judged, and their executioner has arrived.

The Age of Peace is over. The Age of Shadow has begun.


"Vengeance by Marc R. Micciola is an outstanding book. The plot is solid: it has the strength to keep the story moving while being full of emotion at every step. The author gives a fast-paced narrative in which description and action are perfectly balanced: it is the essence of "show, don't tell." The incredibly well-written transitions between scenes result in a story with no loose ends (except those Micciola will tie up in the next book, of course). Characters are realistic and three-dimensional: they have solid backgrounds, flaws, and weaknesses. The change in point of view gives enlightening insight into the plot." -  Paula Garcia Lasa for Readers’ Favorite 

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